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This short video will walk you through registering for lessons online, and then scheduling those lessons using our online scheduling app, Drive Scout.



1. Do you have classes to help you get your learner's permit?

No, most school districts offer online or in person classes to help with obtaining your permit.
Additionally, you can download the MO Driver's Guide to read and study.
Another excellent resource is DMV Genie. This is a free app which provides you with hundreds of study questions.

2. When do you give lessons?

We give lessons every day of the week. Lessons begin at 8 AM and run every 1 hour and 15 minutes after that
with the last lesson beginning around 4 PM. 

3. How do I book lessons?

You can book lessons by calling our business number 417-351-8650 or by purchasing your 
lesson time and booking through our scheduling software Drive Scout. Please watch the video above for step by step
instructions for that process.

4. Do you have a female instructor?

We have two male instructors both with years of service.

5. Do I need a car?

No, lessons are given in our vehicles which are equipped with an instructor brake, rearview mirror, and in-car camera.
Our vehicles are clearly marked with our name - Springfield Driving School - and Student Driver.

6. Do you pick up students?

No, we meet our students at a set location - 1570 W Battlefield Road in Springfield. This location provides access to a 
parking lot that is great for new drivers as well as streets, county roads, and highways that provide the opportunities
to teach new drivers the skills and techniques they must learn.

7. Will taking your course help lower my insurance rates?

That depends on your insurance company. We provide a certificate of completion when you successfully finish our six level course.  Some insurance companies do give a discount for the completion of the course. Please call your insurance agent for an accurate answer.

8. How many lessons will I need and what will be the total costs?

The number of lessons you need will depend on you. Just like every skill we learn, some students learn quickly and others require additional instruction. Consequently, the cost will be dependent upon the number of lessons you need. Our goal is to teach you all the skills you need to be a safe, confident driver.

9. Can we use your vehicle for testing?

Yes, after you complete our six level course, our car can be booked for testing. Please contact the office to schedule a time for that. For morning tests, a minimum 2 hour block is required and the current hourly rate is charged. In the afternoon, a minimum 3 hour block is required.

10. Do you teach how to drive a manual transmission?

No, due to the limited number of inquiries for a manual transmission, we do not have a manual transmission vehicle.

11. Do you give the driving test?

No, all tests are given by the DMV.

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